Most frequent Q&A about in vitro

What is the price of the egg donation programme? What is the average age of your patients for egg donation? You said that there is no BMI limit - are there any additional tests to be done? What are some of the most common questions about IVF?

Most frequent Q&A about in vitro

I would like to know if the doctor does a consultation by skype?

Yes. This kind of consultation is available. All you have to do: contact with our coordinators to make a date and we can confirm this kind of consultation.

Do you perform fresh or frozen cycles (I mean frozen eggs from donor)?

Yes, we have two possibilities: we can perform both frozen cycles and also fresh cycles - it depends on your timeline. If we devitrify the available donor eggs we can perform the procedure almost straight away but if the Patient want to have fresh eggs it's also possible, but the timeline of the treatment is longer.

If you could describe the process a little bit more. I wonder how many times I'd have to come to Poland to proceed the whole process. As I have 3000 km to Poland I'm thinking about minimal number of visits.

We have two possibilities: one single trip when patient is coming to Poland once for about 3 weeks and required examinations will be performed before and results will be delivered before the visit in the clinic. The second option is our standard treatment timeline when Patients come to Poland 2 times: First visit at Gyncentrum Clinic is really short. It is planned for 1-2 days to perform a medical consultation to perform gynaecological examination to look on all test results and to perform ultrasonography scan and if everything is fine and we decide to prescribe medicines and medicines are taken at home then the next visit should be around seven days of preparing endometrium. So that time you should go to Poland second time and it will last a couple of days while we can take a the decision about the transfer and finalize the procedure.

Do you guarantee 4 good quality embryos on day 3 or 5?

We guarantee four good quality embryos and if this is from 3 or 5 day it depends on their development which is check by our embryologist.

Is there a charge for skype consultation with doctor and if yes how much it is?

Yes, the consultation with the doctor is available and it costs 100 Euros.

What is the price of the egg donation programme?

The egg donation program is 4900 euros and in this program we guarantee 4 Embryos.

What is maximum age of the donors and what is the medium age of the most of the donors?

The maximum age of the donors is 32. They are about 25 years old because some of them has already finished their higher education or does finished her studies, so they are young women.

Which is more successful: fresh or frozen embryos?

Frozen embryos success rate in our program is about 60%. We perform frozen embryos transfer, we perform fresh embryos transfer as well and the success rate in both type of transfers are similar. In frozen cycles it is much easier to prepare Patients to prepare endometrium to achieve appropriate thickness, the endometrium is ready to be given the embryo. In fresh transfers preparations are more difficult and takes more time.

Is it possible to prepare myself for an embryo transfer remotely with my OBGYN?

Yes, it is possible but your gynaecologist should be in contact with us and he or she should be a specialist in reproductive medicine and have an experience in this specialization. But if she or he is not very common in this kind of specialization there might be some problems with the endometrium, or preparing you with medicines, changing doses of the drugs.

Do you require hormone blood tests before the embryo transfer?

Generally we are checking estradiol and progesterone, but not always. We require to have all the results of hormone blood tests before first consultation visit. The best option is to send the test results to our coordinator via email.

Do you accept blood tests done abroad in EU country like Spain or Italy?

Yes. We do.

What is easier to prepare the endometrium with a frozen embryo? Surely endometrial preparation is the same?

When you are preparing endometrium with using frozen embryos we can start preparing endometrium in the timeline that is good for the patient and if we want to perform the fresh transfer then we have to prepare at the same time the donor and the recipient.

Do you have semen donors?

Yes, we have sperm bank in our Clinic.

Do you synchronize in fresh embryo transfer procedure the donor’s cycle with the recipient cycle? Does this make the endometrial lining more difficult to prepare?

It is a matter of doctor who is preparing the Patient’s endometrium but in a fresh cycle it’s more difficult.

Is your success rate for the cumulative cycles or for single cycle?

This is for single cycle.

You said that there is no BMI limit - are there any additional tests to be done? My BMI is 35.

We ask Patients about their health conditions, especially if there is any other chronical disease or reasons for in-depth diagnosis. All consultation should be done in your own country and then if there are any additional problems you can consult your case and with our doctor, because have to make sure that the pregnancy won't be dangerous for you.

What is the average age of your patients for egg donation?

The average age of egg donation Patients is about 40 years old.

Which information do we get from the donors? Can we get the picture of their childhood?

The IVF donation is anonymous in Poland so we cannot show the pictures of our donors but they are in our database and our coordinators during the matching are using the pictures both of the patients and the donors to make the best match.

Is it risky to get pregnant for a healthy woman at age of 39?

Generally pregnancy after 35 becomes a little bit more risky but healthy women even if they are 40 or more can get pregnant with no complications during the pregnancy.

Do you perform another stimulation with the same donor in case we do not achieve all 4 blastocysts with the first stimulation/ program?

Yes, if we guarantee 4 embryos in the situation of first unsuccessful cycles we guarantee another embryos for additional transfers.

I wonder if it's possible to send the frozen partner's sperm in that case he wouldn't have to come to the clinic.

It would be better to come here for one time and freeze this sperm for semen analysis and then later use this frozen semen in the IVF procedure. During the transport the problems can appear, and we also can’t check previously the quality of the semen.

Do you have double donation?

Yes, we perform double donation, both semen and eggs donation.

Do you have additional procedures if the male factor is involved – I mean procedures/techniques in IVF/LAB?

Yes, we perform additional diagnostic test and procedures when the infertility is male factor. Among the procedures with in-depth diagnosis in this case we carry out: IMSI and PICSI procedure, semen DNA fragmentation, testicular biopsy and PESA/ TESA procedures.

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