Newest technologies

 genetic laboratory Gyncentrum

Genetic diseases detection during the IVF procedure

Did you know that you can perform tests before the in vitro procedure that will determine in detail whether your child may be at risk of genetic diseases? These include preimplantation tests PGS and PGD, whose main task is to determine whether offspring is at risk of genetic diseases.

AMH – the modern parameter of fertility level and offspring planning

AMH – the modern parameter of fertility level and offspring planning.

The pace of life of modern women, their career, passions and interests, caring of self-development and financial condition – all of it delay the decision about having a baby.

Music headphones

Music and IVF

The music plays an important role in the IVF laboratory

Gynecologist performing ultrasound examination

3D/4D ultrasound

Did you know that the future parents no longer need to wait until the baby's birth to see if it's simmilar to their mom or dad? This is due to a special ultrasound, giving a three-dimensional image of the child.

A doctor handing her hand

Egg reserve examination

Examination of the AMH level allows to precisely determine the state of female fertility and the state of the ovarian follicles.