Egg reserve examination

Examination of the AMH level allows to precisely determine the state of female fertility and the state of the ovarian follicles.

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How do you run egg reserve examination?

Examination of the AMH level (anti-Mülller hormone level) allows to precisely determine the state of female fertility and the state of the ovarian follicles. On this basis you can consciously plan when to conceive, and also select the appropriate method of treatment in case of problems with getting pregnant. Evaluation of ovarian reserve also signals the problem of premature ovarian function and predicts the time of menopause.

The AMH test should be performed by women in their 30's, but sometimes it's also recommended to women in their 20's. This is due to the fact that nowadays younger and younger women have a problem with fertility. Although decreasing of AMH with age is a natural phenomenon, it is not as drastically low as we are seeing it today.

"This test should be performed by every woman at least once in their lives. Evaluation of the ovary reserve allows us to diagnose premature ovarian dysfunction, so we can avoid a situation in which we are too late to decide to have a baby. The test also allows to run a quick diagnosis of the problem and proceeding with a proper treatment” - says Doctor of Medical Sciences Dariusz Mercik, gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Gyncentrum Clinic.

What are the causes of fertility problems? The difficulty in getting pregnant are caused by environmental factors, life style, bad diet, stress, and stimulants. Living in a hurry and postponing pregnancy "for later" are not conducive to female fertility. That is why doctors of Infertility the Gyncentrum Fertility Clinic in Katowice encourage young women, even those around the age of 20, to run the test prophylactically. AMH test is not dependent on the menstrual cycle, so it can be done on any day, and also when taking birth control pills. The test is simple, painless and works the same way as any other blood test.

Back in the day it took 2 weeks to wait for the AMH result, today it is about 20 minutes. Thanks to this revolution, it is possible to accelerate the diagnosis of women having problems with getting pregnant. Early diagnosis can allow to introduce the proper treatment.