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IVF with egg donation. What to check before?

Joanna believed that there is a hope for her. Determined, strong, with the support of loved ones - her dream came true! Meet the real story of one of our Patients.

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Man and infertility

Infertility affects an estimated 15% of couples globally, amounting to 48.5 million couples. Males are found to be solely responsible for 20-30% of infertility cases and contribute to 50% of cases overall.

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What can affect male fertility?

Have you been trying to conceive for over a year and despite having regular intercourses there is no success? Male factor may be the cause, and more specifically- the poor quality of sperm.

3D/4D ultrasound

Gynecologist performing ultrasound examination

Did you know that the future parents no longer need to wait until the baby's birth to see if it's simmilar to their mom or dad? This is due to a special ultrasound, giving a three-dimensional image of the child.

What does the IVF laboratory look like?

Analysis in the IVF laboratory

Have you been wondering what does the laboratory look like inside? This video will allow you to have a peek at it. Our clinic had prepared a video which shows the andrological and embryological laboratory.